E-2 Hawkeye Dusk Landing On Carrier

E-2 Hawkeye Dusk Landing On Carrier | Frontline Videos

Bacicot / YouTube


These Guys Earn Their Pay.

This one comes to us straight from the cockpit of an active E-2 Hawkeye. These guys are as professional as can be with the service member on the left flying and the other on the right going over checklists. Seeing them go through their routines in this flawless fashion is really neat.

What they’re flying is the E-2 Hawkeye. Introduced in 1964, these AEWs (airborne early warning) aircraft are still in service and produced til today. As a fun fact, know that the E-2 is the longest produced carrier-based plane of all time.

The E-2s are often called “Super Fudd”.

Not only that, you get to hear all the COMs which lets you follow the whole approach right down to the landing. Their calm voices are reassuring the fact that the U.S. does, in fact, have some of the most polished service members in the world.


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