F-15 Flying Through Canyons With No Music

F-15 Flying Through Canyons With No Music | Frontline Videos

gunghovids / YouTube


Best Job In The World.

We got this footage straight from the DoD. We just found out that the military’s public relations office offers a ton of footage of what they’re doing behind the scenes, so get ready for some up-close and personal footage of the Air Force and Navy. It’s gonna be great. I promise you.

In this particular clip, you’ll get to see a pretty neat flight. These airmen placed two high-resolution cameras in the cockpit, one facing toward the front and the other toward the back. Switching between the two of them, you’ll get a really unique perspective of this flight.

F-15 Eagles were introduced in 1976 and are expected to stay in service at least unit 2025.

In addition, the scenery couldn’t be better. We’re guessing this was part of their low altitude flight training, so they’re flying trough some desert probably in Arizona or one of the mid-western states. The topography is just beautiful. The canyon walls and river beds are mesmerizing to look at.

Throw this video on full screen and enjoy the flight. You’ll hear nothing but the hum of the engines so there’ll be nothing to distract you. Also, if you have a Samsung VR set, you can take this video to a whole other level (more on that later.)


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