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This Thrust Vectoring Jet Performs The Ultimate Tailslide

Thrust vectoring Songs | This Thrust Vectoring Jet Performs The Ultimate Tailslide | Frontline Videos
Photo credit: combat_learjet

It's Kind Of Like Backing Up In Your Car, But In A $60 Million Jet.

This video is pretty sweet if you know a thing or two about aviation. If you're just the casual spectator and just like seeing these things perform that's great, but even if you've been to a few shows in your life or even seen videos, you know that this maneuver is not easy to perform. Not only that, it actually impossible in most planes. 

What you are seeing here is the Su-35 Flanker-E. A Russian supermaneuverable multirole fighter, they're an upgraded version of the Su-27s. Modernized with the latest avionics, radars and more powerful engines, this plane can do what your standard F-15s and F-16s could never do.

Here, the pilot illustrates a tailslide. As the name would suggest, he climbs vertically into the sky until the plane loses momentum. Then, the airplane falls straight back on its tail which takes a real toll on the plane's control surfaces. The pilot then drops the nose and exits in a 1/4 loop to recover. 

Although this sounds easy, it takes a particular plane and a really good pilot to make this happen.

Just look at the control surfaces when he's sliding. All these tiny thrust and elevator adjustments make this possible. You just need to know your plane really, really well. 

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