Leaked Teaser For The New Vickers Glock-Slow Mo Shots

Leaked Teaser For The New Vickers Glock-Slow Mo Shots | Frontline Videos

Vickers Tactical


Looks Like A Nifty Little Thing.

Many of you are probably wonder what this is doing on the aviation Facebook page. Well, we’ll break it down to you really quickly. For starters, our beloved planes are part of the military, and the military uses guns. As a matter of fact, most pilots are issued 9mm Berettas in case they need to eject and fend from themselves. To be honest though, we love and support our guns, and the Glock is one of our favorites. 

Now for the real treat (if you’re a gun owner or collector of course.) Today, September 15th, 2016, Larry Vicker’s new Glocks go on sale. They include the black G17 and G19 RTF 2 frames with a gold dot sight, extended slide catch and extended mag release.

For those of you who don’t know who Larry Vickers  is, although we assume you do, he’s sort of the king of guns and tactics. A retired U.S. Army 1st SFOD-Delta combat vet, he’s not only an instructor and industry consultant, but works closely with firearms companies giving them solid feedback on their gun designs.

Here’s the newest one.


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