Declassified: Missing Submarine Crew Sent One Final Crushing Message

Declassified: Missing Submarine Crew Sent One Final Crushing Message | Frontline Videos



Last Words.

A little under two weeks ago an Argentine submarine named ARA San Juan vanished with its crew of 44. Search and rescue teams scrambled in the face of certain danger while battling stormy, cold waters off the coast of South America. Their efforts were in vain and the crew is believed to be lost, but the Navy has revealed a final message.

While en route Mar del Plata the ARA San Juan vanished in the waters of the south Atlantic. Vessels from several countries gave their efforts to find the missing but luck was not on their side.

A spokesman from the Argentine Navy has declassified a final message relayed to them from the ARA San Juan. The crew said that water had entered the ventilation system causing the electronics to short circuit and start a fire.

“They had to isolate the battery and continue to sail underwater toward Mar del Plata, using another battery.”

– Enrique Balbi (Argentine Navy Spokesman)

Things don’t look good and most of the search efforts have been called off. The ARA San Juan only contains seven days worth of air for its crew and now two weeks after it was missing hope is all but lost.

“It’s a difficult moment for all but, obviously, especially for the families of the 44 crew members.”

– Mauricio Macri (Argentine President)


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