Guy Catches Rare Footage Of V-22 Osprey Flying In Dead Of Night

Guy Catches Rare Footage Of V-22 Osprey Flying In Dead Of Night | Frontline Videos


It Looks Like A UFO Or Something.

This footage comes to us once again from a Youtube subscriber by the name of bobsurgranny. We’ve been following this guy for years now, and he’s never disappointed to bring us some of the coolest footage of military aircraft. 

From the Mach Loop in Wales to the Solo Turk hopping the fence at Waddington, England, this channel has some of the most exciting footage of our favorite planes. Check it out here if you’d want to subscribe via Youtube.

As for this particular footage, the videographer got himself a pretty nice night vision camera (or attachment or whatnot) and filmed an approaching Osprey when it was completely pitch black outside. 

As you’ll see, it looks pretty spectacular. When we first saw it we wondered why the blade tips were glowing, figuring that maybe the heat from the tips was illuminating and was picked up by the night vision filter, but scrapped that idea immediately. Then, we simply read the inscription of the video.

Apparently CV-22s have light on the tips of their blades to ease formation flying at night. Also, it helps the grounds crews see what position the blades are so they don’t get whacked. The light can be controlled from the cockpit in case you’re wondering. You wouldn’t want those turned on going into a hot zone in the dead of night of course.


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