Shooting A .50 BMG Pistol Is Terrible For Your Wrists As You Can Imagine

Shooting A .50 BMG Pistol Is Terrible For Your Wrists As You Can Imagine | Frontline Videos

Cody Cloyd


Case In Point.

This is one of those videos that when you read the title, you think, “no f***ing way,” and then there it is, the thing you couldn’t believe happening in front of your very own eyes. Such is the case in this video we randomly found on the internet. 

Bottom line is this. From what we could find out, a local gunsmith from Utah made this as a side project because he/she was bored and figured, “hey, let’s see if I could make this work.” That’s really all we know and how we could explain this monster.

The official name of this pistol is Thunder, but we think WristBreaker or WhoTheHellBuiltThis is more fitting. 

Now, we all know what a .50 BMG is and for what it is used. Yeah, high power rifles and heavy machine guns. Don’t think we’d ever seen one fired from something you can hold in your hand. 

In the video below, you’ll see a brave soul at a firing range shooting this thing not once but twice. Pay close attention to everything you see. His stance and posture. How his whole body reacts to the recoil and then, as the kicker, his arms, wrists and hands. 

Put this into unskilled hands and you’ve got yourself a case of two broken wrists in under a second. 


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