Timelapse F-15E Gets A New Paint Job

Timelapse F-15E Gets A New Paint Job | Frontline Videos

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Just Killer.

Everyone gets to celebrate and the Air Force is no different. Here, you’ll see a 4th Fighter Wing F-15 E Strike Eagle get all prettied up for an anniversary flight. Although their wing is quite accomplished and should be recognized for being there since World War II and having destroyed 1,500 aircraft since, the paint job is quite spectacular as well.

Business Insider got their hands on footage of the Strike Eagle getting painted. Since the entire process took over a month, they made it into a time lapse. The result is pretty cool.

The motto of the 4th Fighter Wing is “Fourth But First.”

You never really realize how much work goes into these things. From prepping and cleaning the surface to taping off all the graphics, this job requires many people to get involved and hours upon hours of work.

The video below is pretty impressive because it shows the process, but only shows a glimpse of the finished product. For this reason, we dug up a picture of the final product so you can get all the detail.

Airman 1st Class Victoria Boyton


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