Gigantic Supercarrier Initiates A Special Kind Of Night Operation

Gigantic Supercarrier Initiates A Special Kind Of Night Operation | Frontline Videos

(US Navy/YouTube)



The United States Navy’s new flagship the USS Gerald R. Ford joined the fight to keep the seas safe. The Supercarrier is a relatively new piece of technology and needs to be refined and tested in multiple scenarios. A war could break out at any time and night is not out of the question so night operations have commenced for the fighter jet crew.

Although the new Supercarrier is designed for the use of F-35Cs, F/A-18 Super Hornets continue to be the mainstay of the US Navy. These Super Hornets will commence launches and traps using the USS Gerald Ford’s magnetic catapult system to learn their effectiveness during night operations.

“There are a lot of people who think that because we can operate at night, it gives us more of an advantage wherever protection is needed. There is no certain time we can’t protect. When we are in country and give our troops on the ground protection, we’re 24/7.”

– Edwin Mangona (USS Gerald R. Ford Flight Deck Chief)

Seeing these fighters strut their stuff under a glowing moon is a true sight to behold. It really shows that the USS Gerald R Ford has a bright future ahead even in the darkness.


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