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Vets Of Different Wars Are Asked One Heart-Rending Question

Veterans Songs | Vets Of Different Wars Are Asked One Heart-Rending Question | Frontline Videos
Photo credit: WatchCut Video

These Are Stories You’d Want To Hear

This short video tackles so many big issues that everybody needs to know. These tough men have been through so much and have given up a lot for our country and it’s time we listen to them.

We need more of this, to be honest. When you watch the interview, at some point it will hit you right in the feels. War is pretty messed up — everyone just wants to survive no matter what side you’re on. This will definitely be one of the most interesting things you’ll ever see in your life.

Behind every battle, there are men with stories. They’ve seen, heard and experienced horrible things that they can’t just get out of their head and more often than not, they just need someone to hear them out.

We have so much respect for these veterans. The emotion captured in this video is impressive. Thank you for your service gentlemen!


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