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News | Soldier Responsible For This Humvee Disaster Video Gets Court-Martialed

New Songs | News | Soldier Responsible For This Humvee Disaster Video Gets Court-Martialed | Frontline Videos

Sooner Or Later.

Last year we shared with you folks a video of a training exercise in which the Army was practicing air-dropping equipment from C-130s. Those included three Humvees which were faultily secured and detached from their chutes. At this time, this video was viewed over a million times on YouTube.

Although oddly interesting to see taxpayer money literally smash into bits, we always wondered what actually happened and whether or not anyone was held responsible. The answer is a definite "yes" although it took over a year.

^Photo Source: U.S. Army WTF Moments

Army's Sgt. John Skipper, 27, will face court martial for destroying government property. Military Humvees can cost anywhere between $70,000 to $220,000 USD depending on the armament and equipment inside, and in this case, three were lost.

The soldier who filmed this incident was also given a letter of reprimand for laughing during the whole ordeal (see video below). Christian Marquardt, the spokesperson for the 7th ATC was quoted,

“The reprimand addressed the unprofessional comments the soldier made during the video, and the fact that he shared the video with others, which resulted in it being posted to social media by an unknown individual.”

Sgt. Skipper's fate is uncertain although he is definitely facing trial. He can be given anywhere between 1 and 10 years behind bars, depending whether or not the investigation concludes the Humvees were rigged wrong intentionally or not.


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