Britain Is Building A Very Unique Submarine

Britain Is Building A Very Unique Submarine | Frontline Videos

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Dreadnought-class Submarine

Britain’s newest nuclear submarine, the Dreadnought class, is next level. 

The submarine is slated to be the biggest, stealthiest, and most efficient submarine the UK has ever made. Dreadnoughts can carry twelve Trident D-5 nuclear missiles, each of them capable of destroying a major city. 

In addition, its X-form rudder system, double-hull design, quieter turbo-electric drive, and streamlined sail bow planes make them one of the best and least detectable nuclear deterrents today.

So far, the Royal Navy plans to build for Dreadnoughts by the early 2030s. The estimated cost per unit starts at almost $8 billion, with the total program costing around $30 billion. 

After it enters service, the Dreadnought-class is expected to replace the Vanguard-class to maintain a continuous at-sea deterrent.


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