Closer Look At The New Ghost Drone

Closer Look At The New Ghost Drone | Frontline Videos

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A Little Eye In The Sky

This new piece of technology, called the Ghost Drone, can be assembled and readied for flight in less than three minutes.

According to Flight Sergeant David Shaw, the only thing you’ll need to fly this thing is a telephone signal. You could be anywhere in the world and still be able to fly the drone!

The waterproof, weatherproof, and multi-mission capable drone can also perform VTOL maneuvers thanks to its single-rotor design.

Furthermore, the drone can fly for up to 55 minutes and has a maximum range of 12 km and an altitude limit of 12,000 ft. It could also cover a 2 km area in just under 10 minutes!

Aside from those features, the Ghost Drone also comes equipped with an AI (powered by Lattice OS), near-silent acoustics, and the ability to team up with other Ghosts for an autonomous collaboration.


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