Camas Student Rides Tank To Prom at Portland Art Museum

Camas Student Rides Tank To Prom at Portland Art Museum | Frontline Videos

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Tank-ful For The Opportunity

Forget about rolling into your prom date’s house with a limo. Nowadays, guys like Sherman Bynum, a student at Camas High School, can rent a restored M3A1 Stuart tank for a thousand dollars. 

Bynum started planning his stunt last February and was able to raise the cash through TikTok and GoFundMe in just 3 days.

His initial plan was to contact a group in Minnesota that rents out battle tanks for use. However, he was later told that it would cost around $20,000, as the tanks were mainly used by film studios. 

Most people might call it a day and move on, but Bynum’s not like most guys. He called a museum in Oregon which got him in contact with a “tank guy.”

After 15 minutes of talking with the 65-year-old Steve Greenburg, a military enthusiast/collector, they already had a deal worked out. 

Here’s what Greenburg had to say:

“I’ve been collecting this since high school, and I’m now 65. If it wasn’t for tanks and the guys that drove them and worked on them and fought in them in World War II we wouldn’t be standing here right now.”

We couldn’t agree more!


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