Pranksters Start Up Vintage WW2 Tank On Monument

Pranksters Start Up Vintage WW2 Tank On Monument | Frontline Videos

YouTube / GAMER BOY 19


Built To Last

Six years ago, these two pranksters got the shock of their lives after they decided to climb aboard a WWII-era tank. 

The heavy tank, an IS-3, was initially placed on the pedestal in Ukraine in 1994. However, the tank still somehow roared back to life after the two men supposedly “bent some wires” in the ignition and “played around” with it.

Local officials were trying to find out how the tank was left in a functional state when it was put on top of the memorial decades ago.

But according to some people, this wouldn’t be feasible in the first place. Unless, of course, the 22 and 23-year-old men responsible forgot to mention that they had also brought new batteries and tools to get the engine up and running. 

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