1909 Blériot XI by Mikael Carlson – Hahnweide 2019

1909 Blériot XI by Mikael Carlson – Hahnweide 2019 | Frontline Videos

YouTube / PaddyPatrone


Mikael Carlson was lucky enough to pilot a restored Bleriot XI at the Hahnweide Oldtime Meeting in 2019.

The 100-year-old plane design was powered by an original 1908 model  7-cylinder Gnome-Omega rotary 50hp engine. Interestingly, Carlson owns two of these original models which he restored himself.

Photo by Karsten Palt

But why would he have two of these? Well, because Mikael Carlson actually owns TWO Bleriot XIs, which were originally built by AB Enoch Thulins Aeroplanfabrik.

Mikael found the first XI in a barn in the late 1980s and restored it to flying condition in 1991. Ever since its restoration, the first Bleriot XI has been a crowd favorite in several air shows and film productions all over the world.

This was also the plane in which Mikael recreated the crossing of the English Channel in 1999, exactly 90 years since Bleriot himself did it. Mikael would repeat this again in 2009 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Bleriot’s flight, using his second XI which he completed in 2004.


With how much pride and care Mikael puts into his work, it’s clear that these ancient planes are in the right hands!


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