Super Bowl LV flyover

Super Bowl LV flyover | Frontline Videos

YouTube / FOX 13 Tampa Bay


The Bone, The Spirit, and The BUFF

Nothing tops a B-52 – B-2 – B-1B flyover – just ask the people present at the Super Bowl LV in Tampa.

The event was kickstarted by the rare trifecta flyover arranged by the US Air Force, which featured three of its front-line bombers. 

Each bomber flew in from their respective bases: The B-52 Stratofortress came from North Dakota’s Minot AFB, the B-2 Spirit from Whiteman AFB in Missouri, and the B-1B Lancer from South Dakota’s Ellsworth AFB. These bombers were then refueled mid-air by a KC-135 Stratotanker based out of MacDill AFB in Tampa.

The logistics alone must have been a nightmare. Regardless, it all culminated in one of the best flyovers we’ve seen in recent years!


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