The Hornet’s Million-Dollar Screw?

The Hornet’s Million-Dollar Screw? | Frontline Videos

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Not What You Think It Does

Have you ever heard someone mention the F/A-18 Hornet’s “Million Dollar Screw”? Located on the tip of the Hornet’s nose, this Phillips head screw has a lot to live up to.


According to some, unscrewing this would result in the Hornet’s wings just falling off. Some have even said that this little screw kept everything together! 

However, they would later realize that they were just getting made fun of by their seniors. 

The screw is put in there to secure a metal plate on the Hornet’s nose. The F/A-18 isn’t the only one with this, though. Even the F-15 has this!


Isn’t that neat?


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