Engine Fails At Worst Moment

Engine Fails At Worst Moment | Frontline Videos

YouTube / Straight and Level Seaplanes


Disaster Averted

If you can walk away from an emergency landing, you better count your blessings. It’s a good thing Antony Yen was a professional seaplane pilot. 

The situation looked dire when the engine died 600 feet off the ground. The two passengers were lucky enough to spot an empty field amidst the swarm of trees in the vicinity. Thanks to Yen’s calm demeanor and skill as a pilot, they landed safely albeit a tad shaky.

According to Yen, he spends a lot of time teaching his class about engine failures. One life-saving tip, he added, is to always look for empty fields just in case of emergency landings. This experience might serve as a great training guide for the student he was with. 


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