F-15 Eagle Firing Guns

F-15 Eagle Firing Guns | Frontline Videos

YouTube / Wonkabar007


Keys To Success

The F-15 Eagle is famous for being one of the most successful modern fighters in history. This twin-engine fighter plane also has one of the best-looking designs ever.

Here, we see the JTACs train with their F-15 Eagle on the Holbeach Range. The pilots dropped their bombs and shoot bursts of their M61A1 Vulcan Gatling gun as the F-15 can be heard loud and clear as it passes by.

Its 6-barrel Gatling gun is probably its most well-known armament. The sound it emits can put a huge smile on your face. Yet, the age-old question still remains. What do you hear when the gun is used? The sweet sound of freedom? Or an infant passing gas?

Nevertheless, it is still a crowd favorite and a crowd-pleaser!


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