F-18 Hornet Dips Into Stadium For Flyover

F-18 Hornet Dips Into Stadium For Flyover | Frontline Videos

Youtube / Cliff Dooman


There are certainly two sides to this we can foresee when you aviation folks watch this video. There’ll be the “man, that was a killer flyby. Wish I was there,” crowd. Then, they’ll be “I want his butt on a platter” crowd.

Sure, we get it. Rules are set in place for the safety of both the pilots and people on the ground. Without them, the military wouldn’t work. It was still however, a killer flyby.

Although more than a half a decade old, this video is still epic. During the game with TCU which the Navy hosted back in 2010, the pilot responsible for the flyover wanted to make it a bit more spectacular than usual. Coming in, he actually dipped into the stadium and pulled out immediately. Definitely not regulation altitude and speed, but spectacular nonetheless.


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