Filming the F-22 Raptor In 4K Slow Motion

Filming the F-22 Raptor In 4K Slow Motion | Frontline Videos

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It feels like it gets harder to tell reality from CGI every day. This video of an F-22 Raptor in slow-motion is a good example of that.

Filmmaker Christopher Vasquez captured the iconic F-22 performing a series of high-speed aerial maneuvers. The cinematographer did so with the use of a Phantom Flex 4k HD high-speed camera on board an aircraft.

This camera was chosen for its durability at high altitudes, fast framerates, and its ability to minimize motion blur. The result, of course, is a unique and gorgeous shot of the Raptor and its slow-motion dynamics. 

It shows vapors sweeping off the jet in unexpected ways. 

Vasquez’s next mission is to film a jet as it breaks the sound barrier – now that would be something else!



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