The World’s First AI-Flown Fighter Jet Can Dogfight

The World’s First AI-Flown Fighter Jet Can Dogfight | Frontline Videos

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Mosaic Warfare Advancements

DARPA recently announced that it has developed an AI-controlled F-16 fighter jet using its Air Combat Evolution program.

The flight was done using Lockheed Martin’s VISTA X-62A, a modified F-16D Block 30 aircraft upgraded with Block 40 avionics.

According to DARPA, the aircraft is not intended to be flown without a pilot. Regardless, tests have shown that the jet can seamlessly conduct flights on its own.

This new piece of technology would allow the pilot to focus on “larger battle management tasks in the cockpit” while the jet controls itself.

The government reportedly spent around $3 billion on AI research and development over the course of five years. With that said, this advancement will surely lead to limited casualties when the technology gets developed further.

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