Inside US Submarine’s Kitchen During Deployment

Inside US Submarine’s Kitchen During Deployment | Frontline Videos

YouTube / The Daily Aviation


Making Do With What They Got

Nuclear-powered submarines are designed to stay submerged for months at a time. While underwater, sailors are confined in the narrow rooms and hallways of the submarine. 

Most spaces inside these vessels are functional, but common areas like the mess let crew members gather and bond together.

Food (and how tasty it is) is critical to the health and morale of the sailors inside the subs. Luckily, submarines at least have two chefs in the galley to prepare such meals. Galleys are mostly 15 ft wide, but this doesn’t stop the chefs from making fresh and tasty food daily. 

Sometimes, sailors are even treated with steaks, pizzas, and other comfort foods. They don’t use the frozen kinds, either. Instead, the chefs make everything fresh in just a couple of hours in cramped conditions and with limited resources.

Now that’s how you improve morale!


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