The Unwanted Aircraft Carrier that UK Struggles to Afford

The Unwanted Aircraft Carrier that UK Struggles to Afford | Frontline Videos

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In Too Deep

Just last March, Britain’s troubled carrier became the center of attention after it was found that further repairs were needed to make the vessel operational.

HMS Prince of Wales entered service on December 2019, costing an estimated $4 billion to build. This hefty price tag was enough to make it the most expensive warship that Britain had ever produced. With that much money invested in a platform, you’d expect it to be at least functional, right? 

Since the carrier was delivered to the Royal Navy, it has spent more time undergoing repairs than preparing for active duty. 

The carrier was slated to join a joint exercise with the US Navy three years after it was commissioned. However, they were forced to anchor shortly after departure due to a coupling malfunction.

It was reported that an external coupling connecting the propeller shaft to the drive shaft had failed, causing significant damage to the shaft and propeller as a result.

Because of this setback, the aircraft carrier is expected to return home around Autumn of 2023. 


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