Jet Landing Without Brakes

Jet Landing Without Brakes | Frontline Videos

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No Brakes, No Problem

Landings are already the most complex and most dangerous part of the flight. Doing it without brakes is a whole other level. 

This F-15 pilot was forced to do an emergency landing at RAF Lakenheath because of the plane’s nonfunctional brakes.

The hydraulic issues caused by the brakes being “locked out” rendered the pilot no other option but to use the F-15’s arrestor hook. Luckily, the runway at Lakenheath had an arrestor cable on the runway to allow the pilot to have a reasonably safe landing. 

Still, sparks and smoke could be seen as the F-15 came to a complete stop. The incident caused disarray at the airfield, as 12 other airborne jets were forced to land or refuel elsewhere. 

In addition, the runway was closed for one hour to check the damages and get the fighter off the tarmac.


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