Pilot Lands A Bit Too Hard

Pilot Lands A Bit Too Hard | Frontline Videos

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Second Hardest Landing By A 340

Crosswinds make landings harder than they should be. This Lufthansa Airbus A340 made a landing approach at Narita Airport in a strong crosswind. 

Flight LH-714 touched down hard with an acceleration of +2.8G, making it the second-hardest landing by an A340-600 on record. The hardest landing of an A340 was at Quito, Ecuador, on November 9, 2007, as it overran the runway with a vertical acceleration of 3.09G.

With that said, the aircraft only suffered minor damage, and there were no injuries or fatalities on board. However, the A34o could not depart Narita due to damages to its landing gear which needed repairs. Its return flight to Munich was then canceled. 

The aircraft was brought back to Munich, where it stayed for three months to undergo repairs.


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