Making a HUGE F-18 With a Real Jet Turbine

Making a HUGE F-18 With a Real Jet Turbine | Frontline Videos

YouTube / PeterSripol


A Strange Pairing

Using paper and foam, Peter Sripol made an F-18 airframe that only needed a jet turbine to help it fly. Randomly, the US Navy gave him what he needed to complete his project. It’s not every day you hear a YouTuber say he was sponsored by the Navy. 

Thanks to the guidance of a Navy soldier, he got just the right material to use so the engine doesn’t burn out the airframe. The flight went surprisingly well for the F-18 using the little launch cart he made. However, this F-18 only lasted for one flight. After that, it couldn’t get up even after being launched on a catapult.

Still, flying that paper-and-foam F-18 without it combusting midair is a great feat!


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