Mom Totally Freaks Out When Her Soldier Son Surprises Her

Mom Totally Freaks Out When Her Soldier Son Surprises Her | Frontline Videos

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Welcome Back Soldier.

Many times people forget that being a soldier, in whatever branch, costs more than putting your life on the line for your country. As if that wasn’t enough, soldiers also spend a lot of time away from their families be it a child, wife or parent. Those people also suffer alongside the soldiers.

This is why seeing videos like the one you’ll see below is so special. With everyone nowadays having a phone in their pocket, these moments are captured more often and bring joy to our lives. This particular video got almost 10 million views, 46,000 likes and 120,000 shares and all in a span of just 5 months. 

That’s a lot of people supporting our troops.

The comments were even better. Out of 3,000 of them, here are our favorites:

It’s really inspiring to see such remarks nowadays. With the internet being known for serving a lot of negativity as people can say whatever they want without repercussions, seeing people support this man and his family is just precious.

Welcome home and thank you for your service Pvt. Garcia.


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