Plane Design From 1910 Rebuilt And Flown Again

Plane Design From 1910 Rebuilt And Flown Again | Frontline Videos

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Pioneer-Era Plane Takes Off Once More

A hundred and ten years later and this Pioneer-era plane can still impress droves of people today.

The Hanriot was designed by Rene Hanriot and featured a simple, strong, yet elegant design. Its fuselage was made of mahogany and was built like a racing skiff, requiring less wire bracing as a result. 

Even though the plane’s design dates back to 1910, Mile Lockhart, Cole Palen, and Andy Keefe were able to build this Hanriot in 1974. The three aviation enthusiasts used drawings and details from books on period aeroplane construction to reproduce the original.
Its reproduced variant features a 1939 Franklin that offers up to 35 hp, allowing the Hanriot to reach a top speed of 50 mph at a gross weight of 500 lbs. Today, this Hanriot is currently under restoration at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome.

Hopefully, they can get this plane up and flying again soon!


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