Random Trivia About The SR-71B

Random Trivia About The SR-71B | Frontline Videos

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Communication Is Key

Euan (from Air Zoo) shows us a unique piece of trivia inside the cockpit of the SR-71B, the trainer variant of the famous Blackbird.

One of the qualities of a good instructor is having clear and concise communication. That’s why SR-71 instructors have four microphone switches available in their cockpits.

The first one can be found right on the throttle:

Throttle Transmit Switch

Another on the control stick:


And two more can be found on the floorboard:

Transmit Foot Switch

 Intercom Foot Switch (This one on the right only works for the interphone)

What other random pieces of trivia do you know about the SR-71 Blackbird? Tell us in the comments below!


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