Race Between The Bugatti Chiron and Dassault Rafale

Race Between The Bugatti Chiron and Dassault Rafale | Frontline Videos

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An Unfair Race

Who do you think would win in a race? A Bugatti Chiron or a Dassault Rafale fighter jet?

You guessed it – it’s the Rafale. Not like the outcome was obvious, right?

Still, that didn’t stop these two from racing each other on an unoccupied runway. 

As expected, the Chiron covered more ground faster. Cars almost always have better initial acceleration, after all. A few seconds later though and the jet goes way faster than the car. 

It’s quite surreal how massive these planes are compared to a car. Just take a look at the 0:19 mark in the video. The car looks like someone’s Hot Wheels on the pavement!

Even though we know what the results are before watching it, it doesn’t change the fact that they’re still fun to watch.


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