Red Bull Plane Goes Inverted Over F1 Car

Red Bull Plane Goes Inverted Over F1 Car | Frontline Videos

YouTube / Red Bull


Jaw-dropping Maneuver

Red Bull somehow convinced a Formula One driver and a pilot to do a risky stunt – and it was glorious!

Here’s a still from the video:

We bet you’ve never seen anything like that before!

What made the video even better is the fact that Former F1 driver and 13-time Grand Prix winner David Coulthard drove the car. Meanwhile, 2018 Red Bull Air Race champion Martin Sonka piloted the plane.

Even though the spotlight is (rightfully) pointed at the pilot and the plane, Martin Sonka couldn’t help but feel ecstatic at the idea of flying with a Formula One car.

“Just seeing the car here, to see the car so close […] it’s simply something special for me.” He might just be the humblest pilot alive!  

What do you think about this stunt? 


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