Secretive B-21 Raider is coming

Secretive B-21 Raider is coming | Frontline Videos

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Intended To Replace Bombers

If everything goes well, the US plans to field a hundred B-21s in the future. Only time will tell if the B-21 is worth the long wait.

Much-Needed Upgrade

The existing Air Force’s strategic fleet is composed of three Cold War-era aircraft. These are the B-52s, B-1Bs, and B-2s – all amazing planes in their own right.

Solving Problems

B-52s carry immense payloads but can’t do deep strike missions under modern conditions. Meanwhile, B-1Bs have been relegated to conventional missions and maintenance costs keep growing by the year. Lastly, the B-2’s small number drives up training, parts, and maintenance costs.

Expected First Flight

The B-21 Raider’s maiden flight is projected to happen around 2023. That’s only a few months away!

Month Of Celebration

Just last month, the US Air Force announced that they will be unveiling the new B-21 this year in early December. Hopefully, the Raider sees no setbacks in the future.


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