Why Sweden Struggles To Sell Its Gripen Fighter Jets

Why Sweden Struggles To Sell Its Gripen Fighter Jets | Frontline Videos

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Third Tier Fighter?

The Swedish Gripen fighter jets have been in production since the 1980s. Throughout its extensive service, the aircraft has been praised for its reliability and simplicity, lowering the total cost of the aircraft.

Gripen E - Rio De Janeiro

But despite its popularity among all Air Forces around the world, Sweden has struggled to sell these fighters to foreign countries. Why?

Gripens are considered a “3rd Tier” fighter jet, meaning many believe it’s not in the same league as the F-35 or the Eurofighter Typhoon. The lack of international support also made it difficult for Sweden to market, produce, and develop the aircraft consistently.

Drone photo of serial Gripen E jet fighters.

Moreover, countries who have the resources to make their own fighter jet would rather develop one for themselves so that they’d have full control during its development phase.


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