Watch This Crewman’s Incredible Act of Bravery!

Watch This Crewman’s Incredible Act of Bravery! | Frontline Videos

YouTube / History X


To The Rescue!

It’s not every day we get to see the bravery of these men during naval deployments. On this particular day, a Grumman TBF Avenger caught on fire on the flight deck. 

Fortunately, one brave and quick-thinking crew member managed to grab a fire extinguisher amidst the chaos and jammed the nozzle straight to the engine cowling. If he didn’t, who knows what could have happened to everyone near the aircraft?

Not to mention, he was doing all of this while the engine was still running. You can see the Avenger’s propellers still spinning just inches away from his face the whole time!

Because of the crewman’s bravery, the rest of the rescue crew was able to pull the pilot out of the burning plane and run out with him.


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