The Technique The Air Force Use To Transport Massive Tanks

The Technique The Air Force Use To Transport Massive Tanks | Frontline Videos

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Mobilization at this pace and scale is something the US excels at. When it’s mission time, the ever-ready US military gets its manpower and equipment ready at a moment’s notice. 

The Globemaster

America uses several of its workhorses such as the C-17 to move heavy weapons, artillery, and troops to long distances.  Cargo is loaded through a large aft door that can accommodate military vehicles and palletized cargo. 

Plenty of Space

Globemasters measure 174 feet in length and can carry up to 85 tons of cargo, including a fully-loaded M1 Abrams tank.

An Arduous Task

Loading a 70-ton tank requires a lot of moving parts. Oftentimes, the ground and maintenance crew assist with this assignment.  

Watch Your Step

Planks are placed on the floor of the cargo bay to reduce friction. Then, the Abrams is driven into the cargo bay through the large ramp, while carefully managing the tight floor space and alignments. 

Final Touches

Finally, the crew chains the tank to the cargo bay to prevent the heavy weight from shifting during the flight.


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