Chinese spy balloon shot down over the Atlantic

Chinese spy balloon shot down over the Atlantic | Frontline Videos

YouTube / FOX 35 Orlando


Balloon VS AIM-9X

The US just shot down an alleged Chinese spy balloon over the Atlantic Ocean after it entered US airspace a week ago.

US President Joe Biden issued an order to take it down on February 1 (Wednesday), but the Pentagon had recommended it be done over open waters to protect civilians from possible debris crashing from thousands of feet above.

The FAA also issued a “Ground Stop” to halt flights in and out of three airports in South Carolina.

Several fighters and tankers were involved in the mission, but a lone F-22 fighter jet from Langley Air Force Base in Virginia fired the shot last February 4 (Saturday).

The F-22 used a single AIM-9X supersonic air-to-air missile to finish the job as quickly as possible. 


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