The US Marines’ $3 Billion Mistake

The US Marines’ $3 Billion Mistake | Frontline Videos

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Phased Out

Expeditionary Fighting Vehicles were designed to be used by US Marines for amphibious assault operations. 

It could reach 45 mph on land and 29 mph on water, while carrying a crew of three soldiers. Additionally, the vehicle could also transport 17 more Marines with complete equipment.

However, they were considered to be over-engineered and unreliable. On average, the EFVs were expected to fail every four and a half hours. And in today’s world where missiles are evolving at faster rates, the EFVs would look like sitting ducks.

By the end, the Marines concluded that amphibious assault was only feasible on beaches with very few enemies. It was much safer to launch precision-guided missiles to clear the area before sending over amphibious assault vehicles. 

EFVs were later canned in favor of Amphibious Combat Vehicles or ACVs in 2011.


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