Fighter Jet Flies Too Close

Fighter Jet Flies Too Close | Frontline Videos

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Flying In Formation

Seeing fighter jets from the ground is great, but seeing them fly parallel to you is a different experience. 

This Swiss Air Force F/A-18C Hornet was flying beside a huge plane for an air-to-air photoshoot. Gil Schneeberger was lucky enough to witness the plane fly by that close to his aircraft. Lucky for us, Gil also took a video and shared it with everybody.

The time for the Hornets to retire from the Swiss Air Force is getting closer by the day. Switzerland just recently ordered 36 units of the new F-35 fighter jets to replace the aging fleet of F/A-18s in their roster. 

It’d be a shame to see the Hornet retire in a few years. Hopefully, its next few upgrades can prolong its service life for a few more decades.


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