US Brand New $92 Million Massive Helicopter in Action

US Brand New $92 Million Massive Helicopter in Action | Frontline Videos

YouTube / The Daily Aviation


Long May It Reign

America’s newly-introduced CH-53K King Stallion is the Marine Corps’ heavy lift replacement for the CH-53E. This new piece of equipment is by far the most powerful, largest, and heaviest helicopter in the US arsenal.

The King Stallion is designed to lift 18 tons of cargo – 30% more than the CH-53E –  at a range of 110 nautical miles. Pressurized spars in earlier variants are replaced with elastomeric main rotor hubs and composite rotor blades measuring 10ft long.

In the back, the cargo ramp has attachments allowing it to mount various weapons systems. Meanwhile, its wider cabin enables it to carry 30 troops or 23 casualty litters during rescues. 

At the front, the CH-53K can be refueled using an aerial refueling probe. It also has a new digital glass cockpit that offers ballistic protection, complete with fly-by-wire controls.

With these improvements, there’s no doubt the King Stallion will have one of the best reigns over the skies in the coming years.


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