US Crazy Technologies to Repair Super Large Aircraft

US Crazy Technologies to Repair Super Large Aircraft | Frontline Videos

YouTube / Fluctus


Never-ending Upkeep

Constant repairs and maintenance are vital for aircraft to function as intended. These kinds of work don’t come cheap either, especially if the country has the same amount of aircraft as the US Air Force. 

The first aircraft featured in the video is part of the 76 available Stratofortresses in the US. Keeping these fairly old bombers flying for many hours requires a lot of upkeep and a dedicated workforce. As such, the Air Force’s Aircraft Structural Maintenance members are assigned to B-52s to keep them in the best shape possible.

These professionals do everything from installing replacements to building one from scratch to restore the structural integrity of the aircraft. Aside from the usual handy work, they’re also delegated to spray-painting the jet and removing or preventing corrosion. 

Check out how arduous the process is by watching the video below.


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