US Engineers Save Massive $800 Million IceBreaker From Scrap

US Engineers Save Massive $800 Million IceBreaker From Scrap | Frontline Videos

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Advanced Icebreaker

USCGC Healy is the largest and most advanced ship to enter the Coast Guard’s fleet. The 429-ft-long, 16,000-ton icebreaker allows the Coast Guard to reach areas in the arctic circle most boats would never manage.

Main Purpose – Research

The ship boasts 4,000 sq ft of laboratory space and scientific equipment inside. 51 scientists are on board the ship at all times to facilitate their research.

Suffered A Fire

In 2020, Healy’s starboard main propulsion motor caught on fire while deployed to the Arctic. To be repaired, the ship had to be taken to a dry dock in Vallejo, California.

Spare Motor

Fortunately, the Coast Guard had a spare 100-ton motor in its storage for 23 years. However, they had to travel 6,200 miles in two months to deliver the replacement.

What’s Next?

The crew had to remove a section of her hull, taking a total of six weeks to complete. After the repairs, she and her crew came back to the Arctic region to conduct vital scientific research.


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