The Crazy Process of Repairing the US Largest Aircraft

The Crazy Process of Repairing the US Largest Aircraft | Frontline Videos

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Tire Pressure

To ensure its tires hold air pressure that can support the enormous load of the plane, the airmen inspect the tires using sensor valves. 

Gas In Landing Gears

Nitrogen gas is vital to the maintenance done on the C-5 Galaxy – and in the Aerospace industry in general. The gas in the hydraulics of the landing gear acts as a shock absorber while preventing diesel from spilling during landing. 

Streamline Diagnostics

A computer maintenance diagnostic system detects faults in different parts of the plane. The system records and analyzes data from more than 7,000 test points.

Repairing Hulls

In 2021, a C-5M’s crew saw a crack on the hull near its elevator. It took fourteen mechanics working ten-hour shifts to get the job done in approximately ten days.

Rare Procedure

Though it almost feels like routine work, removing the C-5’s elevator is an interval procedure usually done every 20 to 25 years.


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