US Testing Its Modified Abrams Tanks

US Testing Its Modified Abrams Tanks | Frontline Videos

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Tanks With Built-in Bridges

For decades now, militaries worldwide have been able to construct portable bridges of all kinds and lengths. One of the most successful bridges is called the “JABS” or Joint Assault Bridge Systems.

JABS were designed by Leonardo DRS, a US-based defense contractor, and is capable of deploying a bridge for units engaged in military operations.

Interestingly, the M1074 JABS are based on the hull of the Abrams M1A1 tank and use the suspension system of the M1A2 with upgraded Total Integrated Engine Revitalization, lowering maintenance costs and increasing combat availability. 

The JABS can deploy an MLC95 folding scissors bridge in three minutes, with a gap crossing of 18.3 meters. That’ll be a huge advantage on the battlefield!


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