How Pilots Train To Fly F-35B

How Pilots Train To Fly F-35B | Frontline Videos

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A Year of Hard Work

Student pilots spend a year training to fly the F-35B at the Marine Corps Air Station in South Carolina. This school would serve as their last stop before they are deployed to a squadron overseas.

At the air station, recruits are trained in strikes, aerial interception, offensive and defensive counter-air, armed reconnaissance, and SEAD (suppression of enemy air defenses). However, most of the pilots’ instructions are on the ground – in simulators and classrooms, since there are only so many jets that can fly at a time.

According to them, handling the jet isn’t the most difficult aspect of operating it. 

Not only are you flying, but you’re also talking on four different radios, working the radar, TFILR, and electrical optical system, all while you’re navigating, talking to ATC, and then working your weapons on top of that.

Check out how these pilots train in the video below.


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