US Testing Weird Millions $ Systems To Take Down Drones

US Testing Weird Millions $ Systems To Take Down Drones | Frontline Videos

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5lb Drone Destroyer

The Dronebuster is a state-of-the-art, handheld, anti-drone solution to counter foreign drone surveillance and interference. 

It was designed and developed by Flex Force Enterprises and is one of the few handheld electronic attack systems approved by the US Department of Defense to counter UAVs.

The “gun” is offered in multiple variants with different configurations, meaning it can be a standalone man-portable system or transformed into a fixed site system. 

Dronebusters can disrupt the drone’s control frequency to force its return to its operator. Similarly, it can overwhelm the drone’s GPS or GNSS signals to make the drone hover, land, or crash. The Block 3 variant lasts more than three hours with continuous jamming and more than ten hours in detection mode. 

Flex Force is still delivering this system today, with the 1,000th Dronebuster given this February.


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