We Just Found An Alternate Angle To This Iconic ‘Tent’ Blue Angel Flyby

We Just Found An Alternate Angle To This Iconic ‘Tent’ Blue Angel Flyby | Frontline Videos

MrJasonmx3 / YouTube


Here’s the Other Angle It Took Us 3 Years To Find!

About three years ago in 2015, we showed you folks a Blue Angel sneak pass unlike any other. With over 8 million views on YouTube and other social media outlets, it was of Blue Angel #5 performing a sneak pass over the beach and the jet wash throwing peoples’ umbrellas and canopies into the air.

That caused quite a stir too in terms of the validity of the video. As you could barely see the aircraft in the original one, there was a lot of speculation the video was doctored or that something else was at play there.

Blue Angel Number 5, part of the U.S. Navy Blue Angles flight demonstration squadron, taking off during Air Show. | Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Michael Hight / Public Domain

Well, we can now put those speculations to rest.

In the distance, there was another camera on a building that was pointed directly at where the jet flew by. Looking at this angle, you can actually see the entire jet and how fast and low it was. Then, some seconds later, the jet wash from the engines caught up and the beach became a disaster zone for umbrellas and anything that was not tied down with stakes.


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