WWII Vet Speaks On Russian Invasion of Ukraine

WWII Vet Speaks On Russian Invasion of Ukraine | Frontline Videos

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War Is A Slippery Slope

WWII veteran Anthony Kruszewski was shocked at what he saw in the news. He couldn’t believe that the Russian invasion of Ukraine can still be possible 77 years after the end of his service. 

Now a retired UTEP professor, he has something to say to the younger generation:

“Small wars can lead to big wars, [and then to] World War 3.”

For some, it might be easy to brush off such “small” wars but if history is any indication, this could turn out to be bigger than anticipated. Kruszewski stated that people who want to destroy democracy are afraid of people who fight bravely for it. 

Only those who went through the hardships of war can truly tell us what it’s like on the frontlines. It’s understandable that most veterans see war as the last option. 


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