FedEx Driver Folds Fallen Flag

FedEx Driver Folds Fallen Flag | Frontline Videos

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Be Like Chris!

Now, this is how you care for your fellow countrymen! Others might notice the flag on the ground and keep on walking but this patriotic fella knows the flag should be respected at all times.

The owner of the house, Rick Guerino, said he didn’t even remember ordering anything. Yet, he saw a FedEx driver on his porch through his Ring camera. Turns out, the FedEx driver picked up the fallen flag, unhooked it, folded it properly, and placed it on Guerino’s porch. Guerino was rightfully moved by this and posted the footage on Facebook. 

It soon racked up views and support from social media. The driver was later identified as Chris Oslovitch. We ought to strive to be like Chris during these times. 


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